Best FMCG ERP Software

Food Processing Business Application

SyberEdge's ERP helps food companies lower costs, improve food safety, and manage customer compliance. We do this by matching up the best software technology with the best business processes. We have the highest degree of fit out of the box for your business.

Handling of a variety of sales order processes including EDI, Spot Orders, Shadow Orders, as well as integration to DSD or POS systems.

A fully featured planning engine for material and production planning, integrated with a demand forecasting system. Integrate the planning recommendations to a purchase order system. Shop Floor Controls to record production output and consumption in real-time.

Multiple costing options to give you visibility of product costs and inventory valuation. Real-time inventory management

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  • Integrated Modules:

    • Financial Management
    • Manufacturing
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Purchase and Payables
    • HR-Payroll
    • Mobile Application With Field Force