Secondary Sale Management System

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Secondary Sales points using web forms with in the system

Secondary Sales management software works using various methods for secondary data collection. One of the most accurate and dependable method is to use via real-time sales tracking with SyberEdge.

A Real-time Sales tracking system for secondary Sales.

SyberEdge – Secondary Sales software can also use with the integrated with the ERP Systems to manage real-time sales tracking, with all GRN, adjustment, sales and return transaction. these will empower users to get the perfect MIS details for analysis for forecasting, production planing, Excess and short stock management.

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  • Key Features:

    • Collects real-time Secondary sales data from the field
    • Secondary Stock Maintenance and Details
    • Target v/s Primary v/s Secondary sales details on territory bases
    • Real time visibility of sales data across all channels
    • Territory / Product / Transaction type / Scheme / Period wise sales reports.
    • Stock as on date Status