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SyberEdge Cloud Based Hospital Management System consists of a PAS (Patient Administration System) and an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) together creating an integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) for hospitals and large clinics, reducing costs and improve patient outcomes.


SyberEdge Cloud Based Software Solutions is a comprehensive hospital information system covering all aspects of administrative and clinical management. SyberEdge can be implemented quickly to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.

In many cases hospitals’ revenue are often impacted by lost or misdirected paper forms, inaccurate billing or incorrect allocation of payments and failure to collect on insurance claims. As leading professionals in this technology SyberEdge is providing a comprehensive patient master index that is integrated with appointment, registration, pharmacy management and billing, SyberEdge efficiently process patients, ensure that payments are standardized and automated, and effectively capture revenue from payments.

Key Features

Core Features to choose Syberedge Cloud Based Hospital Management System, here are a few items:

Comprehensive Master Patient Index registry

Centralized physicians and patients’ appointment scheduling

Robust price engine

In-depth doctor’s compensation reporting feature

Fully integrated Inventory and Pharmacy management system

Comprehensive electronic patient medical record

Build-in Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Extensive analytics and reporting capabilities

An out-of-the-box, seamlessly integrated accounting system

Simplified Fixed Asset management system

A build-in integration module

Advanced role based access control security feature

Mobile Application with field force

Patient administration

Tariff and billing

Employee benefits claim administration and payment management

Electronic Medical Records including clinical notes and more

Purchasing, warehouse and inventory management

Pharmacy management with Point of Sale integration

Accident and Emergency department management

Management module for the Operating Theatre

Pre-employment testing

Incident management and reporting, and more

Regular employee health checks

and so much more...