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By Playing With Microsoft technology, SyberEdge have created a highly adaptable ERP solution for the Food and Drink Industry to meet the wordwide requirements. A range of powerful business tools that control and optimise business processes across the extended supply chain.

Less time from your warehouse to the customer’s plate

Working with some of the biggest companies within the FMCG industry, we have been supplying SyberEdge Cloud Based ERP solutions for many years. In that time we have built up a knowledge of the challenges the industry faces and from that developed a range of ‘best practice solutions’ for customers who actively want to reduce costs, manage performance and grow the business in new or existing markets.

What Edge SyberEdge Have:

SyberEdge provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand way to create and manage recipes and formulas. With a single screen, users can review and maintain important information about the formula, as well as the individual ingredients.

With SyberEdge FMCG ERP Solution, you can model and manage an unlimited number of inputs and outputs through a recipe and formula management system. The business intelligence it delivers helps you to make timely adjustments in response to changes in the market and commodity prices. By effectively managing processing of costly ingredients, you can minimize overruns and short runs to reduce waste and meet customer demand.

Key Features

Core Features to choose SyberEdge Cloud Based FMCG ERP System, here are a few items:

Food management and accounting

Regulatory and compliance reports

Manufacturer chargebacks

Recipe management

Lot traceability

Supply chain management

Landed cost

Distribution Management

and so much more...