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Secondary sales system simplifies and streamlines the sales processes and increases sales visibility till your product is finally bought by the end customer. A robust Secondary Sales CRM offers seamless visibility across channels and enables you to track sales force activity and gauze their individual performance, thus empowering you to take informed decisions on time, every time.

Most Comprehensice Secondary Sales Management System

Great sales management is all about prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring the deals in your pipeline. SyberEdge CRM gives you everything you need to manage deals across territories and sales structures.

SyberEdge is a unique solution for comprehensive sales tracking, sales analysis, and sales management application.SyberEdge is a Cloud Based Secondary Sales system is well-designed to track the secondary & tertiary sales transactions and inventory movements across the sales and distribution network of Pharmaceutical companies. It is a very powerful tool for calculating inventory control, invoicing, measuring demand vs. supply and updating DSR (Sec Sales Report) of all sales representatives and MRs.

Key Features

Core Features to choose Syberedge Cloud Based Secondary Sales Management System, here are a few items:


Artificial Intelligence

Sales Automation

Performance and analytics


Process management

Pipeline management

Team Collaboration

Marketing Automation



Mobile Application

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